FamilySong Music Class & FamilyDance Planet

Jam Out with FamilySong Music Class and FamilyDance Planet,
Multicultural, Upbeat Music and Movement Classes in Boulder and Denver



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FamilySong Music Class

Sing songs in different languages from around the world, jam out with instruments, dance with silk scarves to live guitar and drumming! Become musical citizens of the world while having a blast!

FamilyDance Planet

Experience the joy of dancing with your kids! Lightly facilitated, dance with silk scarves and rainbow ribbons to music from around the world, live guitar, singing and drumming.

Music for Schools

Bring the newest music class to your school! Kids enjoy a multicultural curriculum, live drumming and guitar, learning new songs, practicing moving and playing instruments on the beat, as well as puppets, parachutes and more!

How is FamilySong Music Class different?

FamilySong Music Class is a unique combination of multicultural music, live guitar and drumming, uplifting traditional and original songs, dancing and playing instruments.  Longtime music educator Kristin McLean takes blends music education, call and response vocal and rhythm games, class participation, live music and fun, upbeat songs that families can jam out to together.